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We were very pleased with Dmitriy's work. He was always punctual, and willing to make any adjustments we wanted.The people in our building appreciated the care he took to observe the rules of the building and his friendliness. He is a professional and insists on doing things the proper way. He was very patient in giving us ample time to choose things like paint colors, for example We were away from the Miami area during the middle of this project. The only suggestion I would make would be that if you are not here locally and have to make any decisions on materials it would be best to wait to choose the materials here. I often found that we would need to decide on a type of molding or style of door and what I would find in another state would not necessarily be available here in Miami so that was a bit frustrating. Whereas when we were here, Dmitriy even met us at a supply company to help choose styles. I would certainly use Dmitriy again.

Carolyn Figueroa 
Bay Harbor Islands, FL 2012
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