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Jamie Gioia was my point of contact for New Living. He was excellent. Jamie is qualified in many areas, including plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. He and his helper have provided help in a major remodel, for the last 4 months, on a as needed basis. Jamie has many years of experience, and knows the best vendors and suppliers. Prior to hiring New Living, I had hired someone based on price and it was a disaster! I had to rip out a lot of that guys work. (I was penny wise). Then I hired New Living. I wish I had done that the 1st time around. Overall excellent from kitchen to bath, tile, and lighting, everything was done right. This was a major remodel, and I have done much of the work myself. However I have used New Living when I was over my head, and itís been a great experience. They really worked with me to fix my mistakes, and offer guidance when I needed it. Jamie also offered his years of experience on what works and what doesn't. If there was any complaint it would be these guys are busy, and sometimes couldn't fit my small jobs in for a few days or weeks. However Dimitry said, if I had given them the entire job they would have been able to schedule me in. (Since I was doing a lot of work myself, I only needed their help for a day or two, every week or two for the last 4 months. -I guess good guys are pretty busy. Lastly, I trusted Jamie with a key to my house, before and after moving in. That says a lot about how much I trust them.

Bill Martin

Boca Raton, FL 2012
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