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Custom kitchens

Your kitchen is often the heart of your home; where meals are prepared and enjoyed, guests are entertained and families gathered. A kitchen remodel and design should be functional to these needs but also highlight your individual aesthetic, whether it’s contemporary or rustic. The design inspiration is often specific to each owner’s tastes and needs – that is why selecting the right kitchen designer is just as important as planning your new kitchen remodel, kitchen design or kitchen renovation.

New Living Construction has the knowledge, expertise and experience to take your vision, match it to your practical needs, and create the ideal custom designer kitchen to compliment your home and lifestyle. (Please feel free to browse our gallery of kitchen remodels)

We take pride in working with every customer and personally handling every phase of the cabinet making process. Only the finest materials and techniques are used in the making of our cabinets. You will be given endless choices in hardware, drawers, door styles, and finishes to help bring your vision to life. Whatever your style of cabinet, whether you want face-frame or frameless construction, you have found your cabinet shop. No job is too small; a vanity or a full house, New Living Construction approaches all jobs with equal dedication.

Finishes: We offer various finishes that include painted, natural, stained and glazed. You will be able to choose from color samples or by supplying your own sample. Woods are primarily categorized by their density and range from hard to soft woods, where hard is considered premium. They are also categorized by color, by consistency or grain. And each wood absorbs and reveals paints and stains differently. Paint – also known as opaques – masks wood qualities like the grain and consistency.

Specialty Accessories: Increased functionality can be added to the cabinets by adding accessory items. Just a few of the many possibilities include adjustable pull-out shelves, lazy-susan mechanisms, recycling centers, drawer inserts and many more.

Refacing is a good option if your basic cabinet structure is sound or you do not want to disturb existing counter tops and plumbing. You can get a new kitchen look for less than 1/2 the price of new cabinetry. We can also retrofit all the latest storage options. We prefinish in our shop so most on-site installation takes only a couple of days.